Guess who’s back in circulation ….

My name is Milo, and I am addicted to — well, among other things, addicted to endlessly trawling for cool pictures and information about guitars and accessories on I’ve been hooked for almost a year now, and I realized my addiction a few weeks after I started.

I’m a 50-60-pages-of-gear a day man, ideally broken up between lunch and before bedtime. It probably began as simply hunting for more pictures of my beloved “Mary Kaye” Stratocaster, but has snowballed into saving jpegs of Johnny Smith Gibsons, Guild 12-strings and, saints preserve us, any archtop acoustic guitar in a blonde/natural finish. It’s a sickness!

Some of recent images I’ve gawked at [these are so old I’ve lost the link to their listings; my bad, I’ll make a point to bookmark ones I want to talk about on here from now on]:


For my money, the key element in the beauty of a “Mary Kaye” Stratocaster isn’t in its gold hardware or birdseye-maple neck, it’s all about the body finish; a curved slab of swamp ash painted a pale, transparent blonde*. The effect of transparent blonde on a well-figured piece of ash can’t be beat, the figuring almost looking like the blue veins in one’s wrists. The hardware and neck are important for the overall effect, but it don’t mean a thing if the body ain’t right.

*chrome hardware, rosewood necks and white-blonde or butterscotch finishes do not make a Strat a Mary Kaye. Stop listing them as such, damn it.

Little Nemo in Size Comparisonville

Little Nemo comparisonBecause trying to wrap my brain around the size differentials of Winsor McCay’s classic Little Nemo In Slumberland has been making my melt brain, I just made a quick and easy sizing chart of the top four best editions: the Fantagraphics/Remco six-volume series, the Evergreen/Taschen collection and the more recent Sundy Press pair of Best Of books and the Taschen literal-boxed set hardcover. [Click the image to enbiggen it. ]

I’ve not seen the Fanta volumes in more than a decade but I’m still having difficulty accepting that they’re not as tall as the Taschen and Sundays are wide, that you could turn the former sideways and it still wouldn’t be longer than the latter two.

Hope this helps people as much as it helped me!

TCM DVR Alert for November 1-7, 2014

Slim pickings with not much to say about them this week:

1 Saturday

8:02 AM Audioscopiks (1935)
Spiffy little short film about the technicalities of 3D film.

6:15 PM Point Blank (1967)
Lee Marvin and his feet are mandatory viewing around these parts.

2 Sunday

2:00 AM Silence of the Sea (1949)
3:30 AM Strange Ones, The (1952)
Fantastic double feature of Jean-Pierre Melville films.

3 Monday

2:15 AM Pandora’s Box (1928)
The first, best collaboration between German silent-auteur G. W. Pabstand American Lost Generation icon Louise Brooks.

4 Tuesday
5 Wednesday
Slim, slim pickings this month.

6 Thursday

8:15 AM Brute Force (1947)
The combination of Jules Dassin, young Burt Lancaster and a prison escape picture isn’t quite as great as its components would promise, but it’s still worth a watch.

12:15 AM Third Man, The (1949)
The Carol Reed/Joseph Cotten/Alida Valli/Orson Welles must-see.

7 Friday

8:00 PM Detour (1945)
9:15 PM Hitch-Hiker, The (1953)
10:45 PM Gun Crazy (1950)
12:30 AM Badlands (1973)
I love this quadruple feature of roadside-crazies films noir.