The Surprising Success of Portland Film and TV [May 7, 2014]

“With just four full-time employees and a six-figure annual budget, the OFTV under Porter ‘did a lot with very little,’ Behar says, by maximizing and evenly distributing its resources ‘to keep as many of us in business here as it can…. We all stay in production and no one has to leave the state.'” Read the rest at Backstage magazine.

The Best City to Build Your Acting Career [September 11, 2013]

“The received wisdom is that Hollywood’s perpetual drive to slash production costs by moving the game outside its backyard must be having a diasporic effect on the L.A. community—with local performers and technicians packing up their covered wagons and relocating to stalwart theatrical cities such as Chicago and New York, and also a rising tide of contender-level locations in states such as New Mexico, Oregon, and Louisiana.” Read the rest at Backstage magazine.

So You Wanna Be A Zoo Architect: Building a Better Monkeyhouse [September 11, 2006]

“… despite its great strength, a gorilla can drown quite easily, even in shallow water.” Download the full PDF.