Originally a white finish, this early ’60s Les Paul [SG] Custom has faded to an almost Mary Kaye blonde. The necks on these early SGs are problematic to say the least, but if I ever bought another Gibson for my menagerie, it would be a three-pickup Custom.

As for what we would envision when we see the phrase “Les Paul Custom:”

From what I understand, this particular finish/model wasn’t made during the LP’s first, classic 1957-1961 era, so this axe must date from the 1976 revival of the three-pickup Custom. If you have a strong back, then you probably can [literally] shrug off the weight that the cheaper, heavier mahogany that Gibson used for the Paul’s back, but I’d rather not. It looks great, regardless.

If there’s not enough maple wood used in your stock Les Paul, look to Asia to have your hookup:

An all-maple Les Paul. My cup runneth over.