Here it is, the big kahuna, ichiban number one 12-string electric guitar of our times: The Rickenbacker 360/12V64 aka the George Harrison model. Most 360-12 V64’s are finished in the same auburn sunburst color that George’s first Rick had, but if we’ve learned anything this most, it’s that I love Natural Blondes.

The classical-style back tuners paired with the conventional tuners remain as audacious and brilliant a design solution now as they must have been in 1964. And, as George himself pointed out, the 6/6 tuners make it so easy to find what string whose tuning you want to adjust that you can even do when you’re drunk. And I’m willing to pay extra to get a tailpiece that’s not that stupid “R” but I’m probably not going to buy a Ric 12 at all and that’s okay.