Closing out my Madness for this month [and for a while, I hope], my greatest gear obsession: The 12 String Guitar.

Acoustic, Electric, Semi-acoustic, Semi-solid, National/Resonator/Dobro, even banjo and cumbus — if it has six courses of two strings each, I love it deeply but probably unwisely.

We’ll start with what all budding guitarists should start with: the acoustic guitar. Here’s a Guild I’ve admired since the one-two of playing one that played like buttah the same week I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan rip it with the same model 12 on his now legendary episode [well, half episode, he shared it with Joe Satriani] of MTV’s Unplugged.

The GuildJF-65 is pretty swank in its decoration, but it’s still a player guitar [as compared to a wallhanger guitar]. I’m happy with my 12stg acoustic, but if I had to replace it, I would save up my allowance for a JF65 from the company’s pre-Fender’s-1995-takeover Westerly, Rhode Island factory.