Reverb Madness and 12-String Week Finale

Finally, here’s my 12-string electric: An Eastwood Nashville 12, which I … didn’t get off Ironically, I have very few decent photos of it at the moment:


I love the idea behind Eastwood Guitar: plucking out diamonds in the rough of in the graveyard of discontinued electric-guitar designs and failed companies. The only thing I can think of that they need to bring back is the curiously expensive and fairly rare Teisco Del Ray Spectrum 5.

Anyway, the Nashville 12 is a gold-hardware riff on the Epiphone Riviera 12. I regularly fight the urge to have its red finish stripped and either refinished in clear natural or …. wait for it … Mary Kaye transparent blonde.

And with that, the circle is complete. Come back next month when my topic to ramble about will be … something else.

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