Finally, here’s my 12-string electric: An Eastwood Nashville 12, which I … didn’t get off

I love the idea behind Eastwood Guitars: strolling through the guitar-industry graveyard to find and breathe life into models that died too soon, often as much history lesson as homage. The only thing I can think of at the moment that they really need to bring back ASAP is the curiously expensive and fairly rare Teisco Del Ray Spectrum 5. [update: they’ve made one. Pretty spiffy! Bummer about the headstock trademark; I presume using the original design but flipping it to 2:4 tuners instead of 4:2 wouldn’t fly in a lawsuit.]

Anyway, the Nashville 12 is a handsome gold-hardware riffing on the more recent Epiphone Riviera 12s, but with a superior neck and aesthetically perfect f holes. [Once you notice how much variation there is in f-hole design, you can never not-notice it, like when you first see the arrow in the FedEx logo or that the sign says “7-Eleven,” not “7-11.”] The transparent red finish is so deep that it defeats my urge to strip the guitar to bare wood and then refinish it in clear natural or …. wait for it … Mary Kaye transparent blonde.

And with that, 30 days of guitar madness is ended. Come back next month when my topic to ramble about will be … something else.