I can appreciate the default handsomeness of a Fender Stratocaster’s tobacco-brown sunburst — it was a savvy move to finish such a radical for its time body shape as the Strat in the traditional color scheme when the countered solidbody was introduced in 1954. But, if we’re talking about stock Stratocasters  and all things about the instruments are equal, I’d rather see a DuPont Duco “Seafoam green” Strat under my arm than a sunburst any day.

Original “Sea Green” Strats with maple necks are relatively rare, coming out in the sweet spot between Fender moving to offer  rosewood-fingerboard necks in 1959 and then a rainbow of custom colors in 1960. Still, nothing says “this electric guitar was made in California” than this combination [that can be a good thing]: